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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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told now could extend well in to the next morning on election night. i'm doing the under and overs saying 6:00 7:00 a.m. before we know results. that's my guess. be with us. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: well, the full picture of sandy's devastation is still unfolding as new images come in by the minute. while new york city is beginning to come back to life in some places there are striking new video from staten island where 19 people were killed by the super storm. officials there are asking for immediate help. millions are still without power, running water and food is running thin. some 80% of gas stations in new jersey alone are not working and tempers are flaring over hours' long
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lines. >> two years, and i lost it. >> i don't have anything, anywhere to go. i don't have no clothes. >> this video from staten island,be moments ago, people begging for food, water, clothing. >> $15 in my pocket. nowhere to go, know electricity, no food. >> supplies and patience are running out very quickly right now in new york and new jersey. >> i can't get no gas. everywhere i went, no gas. >> i counted more than 100 vehiclevehicles in this line. this is actually better than it was last night. >> i have been here for three hours. three hours. >> unbelievable. >> three hours. >> $10 for gas. no breakfast. we want to help, the government says we want to help. >> there is no help. >> there is no help. >> i'm out here helping people. not making money. i'm broke myself. i'm helping these people to try to get on their feet. >> having a marathon from here to new york. how about one from new york to here.
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>> 90 people died total. 3.5 million people are still out of power. you should see reports in new york city alone. downtown, people are dumpster diving for food. electricity is not on. people pull guns on each other. hard to believe this is happening in the united states. >> greg: yeah, it goes to show that bloomberg is no rudy giuliani. he is not even rudy from the "cosby show." his life is shaped by what you talk about at a cocktail part party. climate change, or fad diet of the american public. the world can survive with one less marathon. i don't think we should be sacrificing the help and safety of others to cater to this. >> andrea: greg brings up a great point. new york city marathon still has not been canceled. there was one report that some marathon runners trying to get rooms they reserved and staten island hotel worker said no, i
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have evacuees that are homeless. wife hasn't the mayor canceled this yet? >> dana: on the day after the storm, i assumed it would be canceled. it e-mailed a friend of mine, her sister was running and i said sorry you're not running the marathon this year. she says no, the marathon is still on. i was surprised. i disagree having the marathon. it doesn't make sense. it try to put myself in mayor's shoes or shoes of the runner. i'm not a runner. my feet won't fit. i understand that they would like to have a goal, they want to continue on. they have all sort of people coming in. it would be a good moment for thety for emotional reasons. when you have people right now don't have food and water, at the split screen on sunday. people getting water and food handed to them as they run 26 miles throughout new york city. the split screen people in staten island standing in line three hours waiting for food and water. to me is a really bad
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decision. >> andrea: they tried to do p.r. damage control and rename the race the race to recover. but they give out gatorade, giant generators in central park. think of the cops. the clean-up, marathon are not clean things. they shed clothes and they're doing other things because they're running for so long. that is happening downtown. shouldn't go to those who need it most? no offense marathon runners. >> greg: every offense to marathon runners. i worked with them. they're miserable. the only people who like them are marathon runners. there is no audience for it. >> eric: i have a hunch, i have a hunch they will go to. once advertisers say i don't like to be associated with think. 'm not sure i'll do this. mayor bloomberg will pull the plug on the marathon. let's talk about staten islan island.
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for four days we heard governor cuomo and senator schumer and mayor bloomberg. chris christie what a great job they're doing in northeast with the hurricane. they're not doing a great job. fema is bailing. fema wants to help out, should come in here with generators, plug them, in get gas stations up and running and people can live their lives again. get generators to get the power going. then you won't see the people dumpster diving or waiting for lines to get gas. >> andrea: i want to get bob in here. what about the politics of it? we're four days away from an election. should president obama be doing more than photo op in new jersey and one in the war room? >> bob: let me get the marathon out of the way. the fact it's in central park is more insidious. what you are doing is picking
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out isolated incidents here. there were 8.5 million people out of electricity when it was at its peak. 3.8 million without electricity. they cut in half number without electricity. fema is doing math job. fact of the matter is this has been, this is one of the most massive storms, storm surges we have seen. you can't say it would be nice if they can do more. they are doing evening they can. i don't understand why the national guard has not been called out. >> greg: who can forget the huffington post reporting cannibalism in hurricane katrina. the amount of exaggeration going on to demonize president bush is beyond the pale. it's not even happening here because media is more interested to stress bipartisan than that. to me would never have happened if mccain was president. >> andrea: there was a difference -- look at the response to hurricane katrina. president bush demonized, wasn't doing enough.
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>> bob: because fema was a joke of an agency then. horse trader was running it. now everybody who has dealt with fema in this storm gave them praise. >> eric: i love you like a brother but the people who are, you know, there is a makeshift morgue in a school in staten island. there are people who are without power. you saw the people without food, power. fema is not doing their job. there are people struggling and suffering. >> bob: how many people do you think fema has? >> eric: i don't know. bring people in. >> bob: bring some people in. you think they couldn't bring neem, they wouldn't bring neem? they'd let staten island sink? >> eric: apparently that have. >> bob: that is ridiculous. >> andrea: this is also becoming political issue on the campaign trail. strickland, the ohio governor introducing president obama. instead of leighing the hurricane politics aside he decided to use it as a chance to take a shot at mitt romney. take a listen.
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>> there is mitt romney who tried to fake compassion to ask people to bring food to a rally. and when they don't do it, they take $5,000 and go to wal-mart and buy food to pass out to the people coming to the rally. so he can get his picture taken loading boxes on a truck. >> andrea: that is so disgusting. >> bob: not disgusting that his campaign bought that stuff. >> andrea: he is trying to help hurricane relief victims. can't you leave politics out of it? if they criticized obama and they're not doing, there would be uproar. >> bob: the romney cam spain not doing it? >> andrea: i haven't heard romney -- >> bob: i was wrong about romney yesterday. i should have said his surrogates are the ones taking enowhere in mouse advantage of this thing -- enormous advantage of this. they went to wal-mart, they handed things to hand to romney. what is that about?
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why didn't he take $5, an disaster relief is
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abhorrent. i thought so in 2005. i think so now. you'll close my mouth and be dignified about it. >> greg: have marathon in basement on treadmill hooked up to generators. >> genius. >> greg: i am offering my basement and other places. >> eric: i know you have been concerned with the sodium and soup and size of the soda. can stel marathon. but coming up, four days to go the final jobs report is out and it's almost 8%. will americans give the president four more years where w this many people looking for work? we hear from both campaigns up next. ♪ ♪
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we are just entering the final weekend of the campaign. obama rallies are shouting "four more years, four more years." i heard you. you're shouting "four more days." he said he would lower the unemployment rate, down to 5.2% right now. today we learned it's actually 7.9%.
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that is 9 million short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> dana: all right. that was governor mitt romney in wisconsin earlier today reacting to the jobs report, that came out earlier in morning. the president however sees it differently. take a listen. >> in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and worst economic crisis since the great depression. today, businesses created 5.5 million new jobs. this morn we learned the company hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. >> dana: all right. so that is the closing arguments in the last four days, everyone is happy. four days to go. 171,000 jobs created in october. the number, however, for the unemployment rate went from 7.8% to 7.9%. greg, thoughts on this. >> greg: i don't know how you call it a recovery when unemployment goes up. unemployment is not supposed to go up in a recovery. don't give me a bruise and tell me it's a hickey. i said many times to eric.
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>> dana: that is really good advice. >> greg: 813,000 people stopped looking for work. obama calls that couch jobs. created 813,000 couch jobs. >> bob: can you take a look at the facts. the reason it went up you have been saying that the reason it's as bad a is people are not looking for work. now they come back in workforce looking for jobs. >> dana: real unemployment is 14%. eric, take it away. >> eric: let's talk about the numbers. by the way, this is official. mitt romney will now win the election. 7.9%. this is the official second coming of jimmy carter. it's going to happen, folks. this is good news for mitt romney. 7.9%, the highest since the great depression during a presidential election. here are the numbers. i'll do this real quick. you can have fun with this. this is according to the senate republicans. jobs created over the four years by president obama, four years. 194,000 jobs. give you that. 194,000.
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people added to the food lines, food stampers, new food stampers, 14.7 million new people. 75 times more people went on food lines than got jobs. >> andrea: is that frown bob's face? it looks like beckel. >> eric: if you think this will get you re-elected and you want four more years, good luck. >> bob: there is 25 straight month of employment increases. you continue to say we can't blame bush for what is going on now, but we can in three months they lost 3 million jo jobs. >> dana: god. okay. look -- >> bob: true or not? >> dana: everything has to go back -- it's just -- i'm annoyed. 4 million fewer jobs than projected in 2009. slowest jobs recovery in history. less full-time work. another problem compounded with obamacare if not repealed. seven time more people dropping out than new employees. absolutely on the plus side of the ledger, they have been adding jobs but not enough to keep up with the population.
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not enough to sustain a government credit card that we have been running up for decades. >> andrea: i don't know if i run around touting the number. i'm baffled by the president would do that. i love quoting paul krugman, as you know, the liberal from the "new york times." >> dana: enron adviser. >> andrea: he said 365,000 jobs needed to be created per month to get the economy back on track. so in the words of paul krugman this is a paltry number we got in today. if you break it down, dana and you look at the group, the demographics. this is obama's base. african-americans, unemployment, 14.3%. young people. young people, trying to rally to get to polls on tuesday are at 16%. people forget the government only factors people looking for work in the last four weeks. i doesn't factor all of the people who stopped looking for work or people with experience and degrees who are in fast food restaurants right now. in addition to the part-time
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work. so i would have a hard time with the president coming out, saying that this is great and we're where we need to be. >> dana: go ahead, bob. >> bob: i was going to say that the people not looking for work, said for the first time it's now changed course and more people are entering the workforce looking for work. that is not accurate. >> dana: unable to find full-time jobs. >> eric: you are quoting a stat that really bad for president obama. around 4 million people over the last four years have left the workforce. >> dana: not only that, let me tell you, which this is where i am today -- misery up to 80%. economic misery up to 80%. if you are president obama one thing we talked about is what would you do in the next four years that would be different from the last four years? that one i have been following this every day closely. it could not answer that. >> greg: one of the surrogates said it isn't time to change course. so what exactly is that time? i guess they're right. it could get worse. but is that a great slogan for obama? obama, i could do worse.
5:20 pm
when you are lost, generally you stop the car, you turn around. what we need is somebody who can read the map of the united states instead of hugging the globe. >> bob: if you read the map at the united states, you look at three states, florida, ohio, virginia. obama is winning in all three of those states now and by some margin, number one. number two, the job approval rating has been up over 50% now for four months. >> dana: that is not accurate. >> andrea: another thing, after all the negative ads, bob, mitt romney's favorability jumped up higher. the negative advertisements to paint him as a felon, bully and tax evade dor haven't worked. >> bob: his momentum stopped last week. >> andrea: how do you see that? early voting -- >> bob: wait. early voting -- >> andrea: significantly gone in his favor. don't give me that. early voting was so prominent for president obama. and liberals took the network touting it in 2008. >> bob: we'll talk about this after tuesday. >> eric: one more number
5:21 pm
came out today, unemployment, disturbing. among blacks 14.3%. jumped again. >> dana: the closing argument -- >> eric: very funny. >> dana: sorry. hel >> eric: they are telling us that cbs is announcing that the new york city marathon is officially -- >> dana: i was just going to say that. we're done. several developments on the libya terror attack. don't forget our special show on sunday. campaign race toward finish line. we'll be here. all five of us. hope you will be, too. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." day 52 since the attack on our guys on benghazi. we covered it every day on this program. where has the liberal mainstream media been and how have they been covering the story? we'll get to them in a minute. but first, remember this? >> we will bring to justice, those who took them from us. >> eric: keep that sound bite in mind. today we learn secret e-mails sent to obama administration specifically the state department to suggest consulate in benghazi was in imminent danger to refute the white house claims that "a," they weren't forewarned. thanks to the president, no. thanks to the republican
5:27 pm
senator lindsey graham. why has it take son long to get to this guy? a republican senator to do what the commander in chief should have done weeks ago? i have to start with you. >> bob: do you have to? >> eric: i have to. bret baier warned us last night and he said you will start to see a lot of new information coming out day after day. >> bob: i'll assume we won't do the story on wednesday. >> greg: i'll make sure we do it. >> eric: the c.i.a. pushed back. the ambassador and his aide died within an hour of this attack. nobody could have gotten there to save him. there were no military people on the ground. c.i.a. agents on the ground. c.i.a. pushed back twice today saying they were moving to help them. there is a lot of information here. did they handle it right? no. they handled it poorly.
5:28 pm
but is there some kind of coverup or some as our producer says an epic coverup here? it's gotten out of hand fran frankly. >> eric: race to the finish line. tuesday is the finish line. obama administration trying to get there before whatever we find out comes out. >> andrea: they were hoping that the video story and the coverup would take them past election but we see it's not the case. there are three failures, failure not to secure it in advance. the failure to not help rescue them while it was happening. the red herring was the video. now the bungling after. how did the media get in the consulate to get the ambassador's diary? how did the "new york times" have better intelligence where the suspect was drinking mango juice than the president did? why was the suspect then when he was sent to turkey not extra dieted to gitmo by the united states. why has this been bungled from the beginning, middle and end?
5:29 pm
the f.b.i. should be in the white house investigating the crime there. >> bob: please. >> eric: could president obama attained access through the f.b.i. sooner? why did it take -- >> dana: to the -- >> eric: to the detainee in tunisia. >> dana: interrogation and intelligence gathering is the most important thing, get to somebody as quickly as you can and get the information before they shut up. simple, basic, f.b.i. procedure. not just for f.b.i. intelligence and find out are there other attacks planned? who enmight be in the person's web. get the cell phone. chilling with tunisians for weeks apt got a story straight in his mind. good they start to talk to him now but it's fairly late. i don't know why the relationship wasn't that we couldn't talk to him before. >> bob: does anyone see this is a shred of evidence that it was terror attack before it happened? >> eric: before it happened. >> bob: yeah. >> eric: the e-mail that catherine herridge broke last night.
5:30 pm
catherine herridge or jennifer griffin broke last night that warned them, the tie to al-qaeda. imminent danger. >> greg: there is a drip, drip, drip of facts coming out about this with the last six weeks. unfortunately the media is obama's raincoat. keeping him completely dry throughout this. the fact remains if you want to stick to this story, and i'll say it again, all you got to ask is one question. who pushed the video? that is the strand on the sweater that unravels the obama sweater of deception. there is no viable explanation for pushing the video. this is the most bogus investigation since o.j. vowed to find nicole's killer. >> dana: remember, law enforcement arrested the maker, american citizen, exercising the first amendment rights. he is still in jail. >> greg: still there. >> eric: get to this. we teased this at the top of the block. we want to talk about the mainstream media, abc, cbs this week. you know how many stories, how many times they touched libya this week on their nightly evening broadcast?
5:31 pm
>> andrea: take a shot in the dark and say zero. >> eric: 100% right. >> andrea: yeah. not surprising. what is interesting is they were engaged in the beginning. they were engaged and they came out, fangs blazing. why did they come out? against mitt romney. >> greg: and the video. >> andrea: we know that. they tried to use it as an opportunity when there were four dead americans to take down romney. the minute romney backed off, they disappeared and helped go along with it. >> eric: may, i please. >> andrea: not all of them. >> can you at least agree with us that these networks should be covering this story? >> bob: yes, they should. >> eric: why aren't they? >> bob: i have no idea. i assume they're part of the grand conspiracy and coverup going on an meet in the white house every morning and get directions of what they are supposed to come in the news. you decided "new york times" somebody who got intelligence on the ground and evidence on the ground. the "new york times" had a reporter on the ground who said that this attack was a terrorist attack, this group
5:32 pm
was one of many who said they had some connection with al-qaeda. this group did see the video. did get upset about it. you can say the "new york times" and cite what they say and the other things. >> eric: back to the video. next on the rundown, romney doesn't normally sit down with gossip magazines but the president pops up in them day after day. which strategy is more becoming of the oval office? that debate directly ahead. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you could combine
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the final unemployment report and the last weekend of campaigning before america votes. tonight on "special report," president obama says the addition of 171,000 jobs in october shows real progress. the president did not mention the jobless rate went up tenth
5:37 pm
of a point to 7.9%. mitt romney made sure his audience heard that statistic and pointed out the unemployment rate is higher than when the president took office. plus a look at what the rate would be with the same workforce in place. it appears f.b.i. agents will get access to suspect in libya terror attack held in tunisia. also today, the c.i.a. is giving a timeline of its response to the assault. we'll have that. mayor michael bloomberg has announced, just announced the new york city marathon is canceled in the wake of hurricane sandy. we're live. plus, the politicians of coal. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york mind colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: i can't believe
5:38 pm
bloomberg banned marathon bars michigan favorite chocolate. atlantic, the magazine, not the ocean, noticed romney skipping campaign stops with "us weekly." he ran a story 25 things you didn't know about me, barack obama. spoiler alert, he is a caring dad. but romney opted out. unlike obama who feeds off this, romney turned down glamour magazine, "the view," nickelodeon and mtv. will it hurt mitt's chances? it shouldn't, but it could. romney is not a joke. he is a success so it makes him the bunch line for people who think community organizing is work. look at mr. money bags who did all right. he's so rich and white. eh, he is religious and he's boring. he must be a robot. wefully a time keeping your head down and working hard is less cool than staring deeply in joy behar's eyes. isn't doing "the view," glamour and mtv community organizing for the left wing media hacks.
5:39 pm
the joke isn't funny anymore. i love clowns. i am one. you don't want me in charge of everything. in serious times maybe it's not bad to have a serious guy in charge, somebody who ran something. let obama keep doing the fluff. after all it keeps him away from the controls. dana, you were recently interviewed by woodland elf weekly. is it important to say yes to everything? any press helps as you might say? >> dana: it's a seductive thing. conservatives get lured in this thing well there are so many people watching and people want to know and they want to know your point of view. so you cave. then you tell your boss or yourself you do the interview and you go and say why did i do this? it won't help. it will probably only hurt me. good reason to do popular tv. like you want to persuade somebody. or explain something. i can't remember anything of the past year that stuck except for the most recent one which was that the death in
5:40 pm
benghazi weren't optimal, something that president obama repeated that jon stewart said. i can't really think of a good reason to do any of these, except if you are obama it works really well for him. it doesn't work for republicans. >> greg: they never do well, do hay? are they missing out? should they show their fun side, which you often do? >> eric: no. in fact, you point out -- first, in your monologue. wait, what? >> greg: what? >> eric: you point out the difference. there is the difference. obama wants to hang out in celebrity hang-outs and do the magazine. do the leno show. romney is a worker bee. guy that gets it done. creates jobs. does anyone else think it's weird that the day that benghazi happened, and the day that the day after when people were, you know, kind of dieing in this area, obama was in las vegas campaigning? unusual?
5:41 pm
no? >> bob: yes. i thought las vegas thing was a big mistake. it makes sense for romney not to go to these things. all he'd do is get heat. but why 'cuz obama go to these things? he has a target audience. i am trying to say that the people, nickelodeon and mtv -- >> greg: children, his audience. >> bob: they can vote after 12. >> greg: if they're democrats. dead or a child. >> bob: we voted many of them. >> eric: unemployment rate in a month. >> bob: this is making perfect sense for obama. it looks funny but after a targeted audience. that is what politics is about. >> greg: the more light stuff whether it's biden on letterman or obama, the weird contrast is to a miserable country. greg is having a good time, i'm here eating beans. >> true. i don't know if he is eating beans, though. >> dana: evidence of that. >> greg: that was uncalled for. i have a g.i. problem. >> andrea: on the youth vote thing, it's interesting that
5:42 pm
he does go to the youth channels. most politicians talk to the audience they hope people were born yesterday. in the case of obama his supports really were born yesterday. he did say no to nickelodeon. for the record, i'm not buying "us weekly." i will read it at the nail salon so you are not getting my $4.99. sometimes this can be good press. one thing that george bush did in 2004. he wrote a letter to my daughters and published in "glamour." just his words. such a good thing. if you control it, good opportunities. you can't control it. >> dana: they ask all the questions are loaded with hypocrisy. >> greg: remember when abe lincoln did "cosmo." >> bob: what is a mistake that was. can i borrow that magazine when i get my nails done? >> andrea: get a pedicure together? >> bob: i don't know what those are. your feet? man, that is disgusting. >> greg: coming up, five minutes, five political
5:43 pm
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: i never heard that song. who did that? >> greg: billy joel. >> bob: good for billy joel. lightning round in politics. we started this and we like it. start with eric. >> eric: president obama did it again. went to the well. listen to him in ohio. >> i understand that governor romney has had a tough time in ohio because he was against saving the auto industry. hard to run away from that position when you are on videotape saying the words "let detroit go bankrupt." i know, we're close to an election. but this isn't a game. >> eric: no, it's not a game. president obama, you are wrong. no, he's not on videotape. he wrote an op ed for "new york times" in 2008, the problem is he didn't write that headline up top. "let detroit go bankrupt."
5:48 pm
the "new york times" wrote that. in fact, at the end of the op-ed, he says, "federal government should provide guarantees for post bankruptcy financing, and assume car buyers and that their warranties are not at risk." in other words government could help out car companies in the structured bankruptcy. you're wrong. >> bob: who wrote the apology tour, by the way? who did the apology tour? never mind. still looking for apology thing you mention. >> dana: you missed the best line in speech. voting is the best revenge. who knew? maybe republicans will take that in mind, too. here is mine. i remember talking about mia love, at the g.o.p. convention. a republican who is running, she has been a mayor, out there in utah. running against incumbent democrat. she was behind, then tied and now she is way ahead in the polls. i want to point out that i'm excited about some of the
5:49 pm
younger g.o.p. congressional and dates that look like -- candidates that look like they may unseat the democratic incumbents. doherty of rhode island. jason plumber, illinois. bar, kentucky. gill of california. led by mia love, which is exciting. >> greg: get up to date. >> dana: one direction. >> greg: you have a poster on the ceiling in your office. parade for world series -- >> dana: how come you know that? [ laughter ] >> greg: i'm there when you're not around. sergie romo, the san francisco giants closer at the world series parade he wore this shirt. if i had, could read it says, "i just look like i'm ill i'll" or something like that. i just look illegal. the point of this is the gist of all the articles about this how refreshing it was that romo instead of acting silly at a victory parade was lauding for taking a different
5:50 pm
path, raising questions about an issue. do you think the writers for yahoo! sports over the "l.a. times" would feel the same way if he wore a ryan-romney shirt or worn any conservative message? there are a lot of athletes who are conservatives who can't wear shirts like that. >> i thought the shirt said who pushed the video. >> andrea: or who can't pray. a lot of republicans running against the obama agenda. guess who sales? kimberly strassal combat democrats are running from the president. he is radioactive. the best line sums it up like this. she says the battle for senate control is proving just as hard-fought as the one for the presidency. though, with one notable difference. president obama is making the case for himself. senate democratic candidates are making the case against him. next wednesday, senate majority leader harry reid remains top dog it will be because many democratic candidates won by running as republicans.
5:51 pm
bob carey in nebraska saying the president committed terrible mistakes including intelligence leaks. john tester saying he has an ad bragging he voted against the bail-out and auto industry and says he took on the obama administration. a lot of democrats if they win is because they ran against the president. bad sign. >> bob: they ran against him in two con seventive states -- conservative states. >> andrea: 15 seats up for grabs. >> bob: i haven't seen one democrat who isn't running with the president. there is a lot of mistakes that depend on electricity for voting. states who are particularly close like virginia, still has a lot of power outals; particularly, in rural areas. if thy don't vote by electronic ballot, they have to take the provisional ballot and vote by handwritten ballots so they won't be counted for three or four day days. it will be true in new jersey and maryland. they're going for obama anyway.
5:52 pm
but pennsylvania another one. hope they get the electricity gets back to the voting machines. >> eric: it may be the best thing. given what is going on, there is a lot of alleged voter fraud going on. some of the machines people are voting for mitt romney and it's coming up barack obama. they say it's because of the salbration. it's quirky though, it's not going the other way. trying to vote for romney and ending up obama. i don't know. maybe a paper ballot wouldn't a bad thing. >> bob: i don't know who thought of that but a hell of a good idea. there you go. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank, the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500.
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>> andrea: time for one more thing. greg? >> greg: i got my books in. "joy of hate." it's coming out november 13. go to and check out the bus tour. it will be great. it might be in your town. i brought books for everybody here and i signed them. this is for you >> thank you. >> greg: giving a gift without me having to pay for it. >> bob: bus tour? >> greg: starting in florida. that's for bob. this is for eric. i know you are going to love the picture. it's very piers bros nashn. but with constipation. dan ab, i got you this.
5:57 pm
i figure you like this more than a book. you don't have time to read. >> dana: i don't read. that is usually my problem on this show. i love it. i read the book. it's excellent. >> andrea: i like the personal note. you call me the greek olive. very cute, greg. >> greg: thank you. >> eric: what page am i on? >> bob: i thanked everybody. >> greg: you're in there. >> eric: good story? >> greg: remember when you passed out. >> dana: you can get through election weekend. read and stare at this. >> greg: the tension and the stress this is enjoying yourself. >> dana: did you not shave before you took picture? what is the problem here? >> greg: unnecessary. >> eric: we talked about nbc. main stream media and treatment of benghazi. listen to my good pal rush limbaugh sum things up nicely. >> does benghazi ring a bell to any of you at nbc? name alert you to anything? i know it's not as cool as iran contra or water gate, or
5:58 pm
katrina, those all involved republicans. but you know, four americans died. as it turns out unnecessarily. they were murdered. brian, and people are trying to get answers and nbc doesn't care. in fact, nbc is helping to cover it up. >> eric: what he said. >> andrea: we can almost do one of these a day, biden gaffe. we have to get a graphic for it. listen to biden's latest. it could haven't said it better myself. >> never been a day in the last four years i have been proud to his b his vice president. >> andrea: really? it doesn't need commentary after that. >> andrea: one more time for cheap seats. >> there's never been a day in the last four years i have been proud to be his vice president. >> andrea: ask yourself this on tuesday, do you really want him one heart-beat away from
5:59 pm
the white house? >> dana: manual the p.r. staffer for him. you're like ohhh, i can't believe that. replace big stick for me as the best one. i was going to talk last night country music awards. i love country music. dierks played, all sorts of -- blake shelton. award for entertainer of the year. shared song of the year with his wife. and dedicated the whole show to hurricane victims. >> bob: trump tweeted obama is terrible negotiators. now chrysler wants to send the jeep productions to china and will. well, donald, you're wrong. he said you know, you're full of another word for dog food. >> dana: did he say that? >> bob: he use a word i can't use. >> andrea: you have come a long way bay.


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